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Best Free Business Checking in 2024

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Avoid hidden fees. Determine the best free business checking account for your small business.

Best Free Checking Accounts for Small Business

Best free business checking accounts:
  1. Bluevine Business Checking: Best overall
  2. Lili: Best for scaling business
  3. Found: Best for freelancers and gig-workers
  4. U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking: Best for convenience
  5. Chase Business Complete Banking: Best for Chase customers
  6. Novo Business Banking: Best for tech integrations
  7. Mercury Banking: Best for startups, e-commerce
  8. Relay Business Checking: Best for large teams
  9. Axos Basic Business Checking: Best for less banking activity
  10. Grasshopper Business Checking: Best for cashback
  11. Bank of America Business Advantage Banking: Best for fluctuating needs
  12. Wells Fargo Initiate Business Checking: Best for smaller, growing businesses
  13. Digital Federal Credit Union: Best credit union for business

Are There Free Business Checking Accounts?

There are two main types of free business checking accounts:

  1. Business checking accounts with NO monthly service fee

  2. Business checking accounts that are free IF you maintain a minimum balance or meet other criteria

The first type, with no monthly service fee, is usually offered by online banks. These are good if you don't want to worry about maintaining a minimum balance. Just keep in mind that it may be less convenient to deposit cash into an online bank account.

Traditional brick-and-mortar banks usually require a minimum balance to waive the fee. But if you can easily meet the requirement, and it has the convenience and features you need, it could be right for you.

This list covers the best free business checking accounts for both types. Read on to learn more.

What kind of bank do you want to use for your small business?
31% National bank
30% Local bank
39% Online bank
Source: CreditDonkey poll, June 10, 2024

Best Free Business Checking Accounts

DONKEY Business Banking Rule: Deals, Online access, No fees, Key features, Ease of use, Yield

This rule helps small business owners remember the key aspects to consider when choosing a free business checking account:

  • Deals: Look for promotional offers and incentives.
  • Online access: Ensure the account offers robust online and mobile banking.
  • No fees: Aim for accounts with no monthly maintenance fees.
  • Key features: Check for essential features like unlimited transactions and ATM access.
  • Ease of use: The account should be easy to manage.
  • Yield: Consider if the account offers any interest or rewards.

Bluevine Business Checking

Best for: Most small businesses

Bluevine is one of the most popular online business checking accounts. It has no monthly fee, no overdraft fee, and unlimited free transactions.

But the biggest perk is that it offers one of the highest interest rates on the market.

Bluevine also offers a paid Plus tier that earns a 3% APY without minimum qualifications. With this upgrade, you can reduce most of your payment fees by 20%.

If you upgrade to the paid Premier tier, you'll enjoy a higher 4.25% APY, a 50% reduction in payment fees, and priority support. This can significantly enhance your savings, especially if you have lots of payments to make.

Although Bluevine is online, you can still deposit cash at over 90,000 GreenDot locations and over 1,500 Allpoint+ ATMs (though there's a fee).[1] You also get 2 free checkbooks a year. This is good for small traditional businesses that still deal with cash and paper checks.

You can also create up to 5 subaccounts with their own dedicated account numbers. Your balances in the subaccounts are eligible for interest too (up to $250k on combined balances across all the accounts for Standard tier, up to $250k for Plus tier, and up to $3M for Premier tier).

You can issue up to 4 additional debit cards to authorized users of your business checking account. You can easily manage and monitor transactions for these cards through your Bluevine dashboard. This ensures flexibility and security in business transactions without the need to share card details via text or email.

In addition, Bluevine offers a small business line of credit and invoice factoring. It's a great choice if you're looking for business checking plus financing in one place.

Lili Business Banking

Best for: Scaling business

Lili offers a basic business checking account with no monthly fee, no overdraft fee, no foreign transaction fee, and unlimited transactions.

Lili is open to single-owner businesses and multi-member companies (LLCs, partnerships, S-corps). It allows joint accounts access and offers Visa business debit cards to each business owner.

All accounts come with an Emergency Bucket for rainy days or just spare funds. There's no withdrawal limit, so you can move money back to your checking account at any time when you need them.

Another perk is that you can get direct deposits up to 2 days early. Whether you sell on Etsy or Shopify, drive Uber, or directly work with clients, you can get your earnings faster.

If you do upgrade to a paid Lili plan, you get more benefits. You can categorize your transactions and you get a Tax Bucket. This lets you automatically save for taxes, so you're not burdened by a hefty tax payment each quarter.

If you upgrade to Lili Pro, Smart, or Premium plans that start at $15.00/mo, you'll also get 4.15% APY on emergency savings, cashback rewards, invoicing, and fee-free overdraft up to $200.

Are taxes your biggest headache? The next account could be your tax-time game changer.

Found Business Banking

Best for: Freelancers and gig workers who have trouble with taxes

If you're newly self-employed and feel overwhelmed by taxes, Found is for you.

Like Lili, Found tracks your business expenses and automatically saves for taxes. And even better - its tax tools are all available with the free Found plan.

Found always keeps a real-time estimate of your current tax bill. Whenever you get paid or make a business purchase, it updates your tax owed accordingly. And it'll set aside the correct amount for you in a tax savings account.

When it's time to pay those quarterly taxes, you'll already know how much you owe and have the cash on hand to take care of it.

But that's not even the best part. Found Plus takes it one step further by submitting your quarterly tax payment for you - directly to the IRS! No more worrying about missing payments and late penalties. While this feature has a fee, not having to stress over taxes could be worth it.

And last thing - Found offers free unlimited invoices. This is great for freelancers who rely on invoicing for payment. Found will even send payment reminders to your clients for you.

As of now, Found doesn't accept cash or check deposits. So it's best for business owners who do all their transactions digitally.

Prefer the assurance of a big bank? This next option combines convenience with value.

US Bank Silver Business Checking

Best for: Businessowners who want big-bank convenience

U.S. Bank offers a Silver Business Checking Package with no maintenance fees. It's one of the few free business checking accounts offered by big banks.

It also offers good cash bonuses for new customers. It's a sweet deal considering that the account is free.

US Bank is good for newer growing businesses since you only get 125 free transactions per month. New businesses often have fluctuating income, so it's good that you don't need to worry about account minimums.

It's a solid choice if you prefer having a physical branch nearby and building in-person relationships. This can help you get loans and other business services down the road.

U.S. Bank has more than 2,000 branches across the country. Even if you don't live close to a US Bank branch, you can use any of the 37,000+ MoneyPass ATMs with no surcharge.

Already a fan of Chase? Here's how their business checking could streamline your finances.

Chase Business Complete Banking

Best for: Existing Chase customers

Do you process credit cards for your business? Chase Business Complete Banking has built-in card processing included in the checking account.

Plus, Chase often offers cash bonuses for opening a new business bank account, so make sure you check out the current promotions.

This account isn't completely free, but it does offer several easy ways to waive the $15 monthly fee (find them here). The Complete Banking features include:

  • QuickAccept mobile card reader and processing via app
  • Competitive processing rates at just 2.6% + $0.10 per swipe[2]
  • Same-day deposits into your checking account.

A nice perk is that you don't need to open a separate merchant account. You can do banking and processing all from one checking account.

Chase Bank is also known for its great mobile app and good, 24/7 customer service with real reps.

Tech-savvy businesses, pay attention. The upcoming account is designed for you.

Novo Business Banking

Best for: Tech-savvy businesses, software integrations

Novo is one of the best for all types of businesses. It accepts sole proprietors, LLCs, partnerships, and corporations.

Novo stands out for being a tech-savvy banking account. You can integrate your checking with thousands of popular business apps, such as Shopify, Stripe, QuickBooks, Xero, Zapier, and Slack.

It also has a rewards program offering thousands in savings from popular business services. For example, you can get $5,000 in fee-free card processing with Stripe.

You can create up to 20 Reserves. This helps you budget for things like taxes, upcoming purchases, rainy day fund, and more.

There are no foreign transaction fees, so Novo is also great if you travel internationally for business.

What's the easiest business checking account to open?
Novo is one of the easiest business accounts you can open. It doesn't do a credit check so you can get approved even without great credit. Plus, it's lenient on who counts as a business owner. Freelancers and gig workers are all welcome.

Running an e-commerce business? This next account might be your springboard to success.

Mercury Banking for Startups

Best for: Startups, e-commerce, and other digital businesses

Mercury is an online banking platform created specifically for tech startups. It has APIs that let you custom build your own banking experience.

When you open an account with Mercury, you get a completely fee-free checking business account, savings account, debit card, check payments, wire transfers, and financial tools.

There are no monthly fees, minimums, wire fees, or overdraft fees.

What's really unique about Mercury is their Raise program to connect startups to top investors. There's a fundraising round every quarter. If your startup is chosen, it will be shared with over 450 investors in their network. It's a great way to potentially accelerate your seed funding.

You need to be a US-based company and have an EIN to apply. It is not open to sole proprietors.

Managing a growing team? The next option is a banking solution that grows with your business.

Relay Business Checking

Best for: Businesses with lots of team members

Is your business growing and you can't handle everything alone anymore? Relay Financial may fit your needs. It's an online business banking account designed for big teams and bigger financial needs.

The standard Relay account has no monthly fees and no minimums. You can get up to 20 individual checking accounts and up to 50 debit cards at no extra cost. You can also set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings and earn interest on your excess money.

Relay makes it easy to customize money management. With up to 50 debit cards, you can assign each one for a dedicated purpose (for example, marketing expenses). This helps you get a better handle on your operating costs.

Each business checking account has its own unique account number. This is useful if you want specific accounts to bill or pay vendors, save for taxes, track payroll, etc.

There are 7 permission levels, so you can customize control for your team. You can designate managers, bill payers, deposit-only users, cardholders, and read-only access.

Axos Basic Business Checking

Best for: Small businesses with less banking activity

Axos Bank is another online-only bank. Its Basic Business Checking has no monthly fee or balance requirements.

Axos gives you unlimited reimbursements of domestic ATM fees, so you can use any ATM you want. You can also deposit cash for free at cash-taking Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs.

It's good for small businesses with modest checking needs, as you only get 60 remote check deposits per month. But an added perk is 2 outgoing domestic wire fees reimbursed per month, plus the first set of 50 checks free.

Axos Bank also offers a Business Interest Checking Account that earns a competitive APY on all balances. There is a $5,000 average daily balance requirement in order to waive the $10/mo service charge.

Grasshopper Business Checking Account

Best for: cashback rewards

Founded in 2019, Grasshopper is a digital bank geared towards small businesses in the innovation economy.

Even though it was created for startups, it's ideal for small businesses of all sizes since there's no monthly fee or minimums.

But you'll reap the biggest benefits if you maintain at least $10,000 in your account. You'll get unlimited 1% cashback on debit card purchases. Plus, you earn 2.25% APY on balances of $25,000 to $250,000 and 1.51% APY on balances up to $25,000 and on balances over $250,000.

The business checking account comes loaded with features. You get unlimited transfers, custom digital invoices, integrations with your accounting software, and cash flow management.

All users get dedicated support from their small business experts. You'll get personalized guidance from real humans when you have business questions.

It also offers APIs so you can design your own banking to fit exactly what you need.

Besides business checking, Grasshopper offers a full range of small business lending programs. It offers SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, venture capital, and even yacht financing!

Bank Of America Business Advantage Banking

Best for: Businesses with fluctuating needs

Bank of America has thousands of ATMs and financial centers. It offers a flexible business checking account designed to adapt to your business's evolving needs.

For new businesses, the basic Business Advantage Fundamentals™ Banking account is a great starting point. As your business grows, you can level up to the higher tier and get additional benefits. You can switch between the two tiers anytime as needed.

A really cool feature is that you can connect your checking account with your other business apps, like QuickBooks and more. This lets you get real-time insights of your business metrics all in one place. It automatically projects cash flow, so you can make smarter business decisions.

You'll also get dedicated support from Bank of America's Small Business Specialists. From answering questions to providing guidance, they've got your back.

If you keep a higher balance, you can enroll in the Preferred Rewards program. This gives you even more perks. These include banking services fee waivers, more rewards, and discounts on interest rates.

Wells Fargo Initiate Business Checking

Best for: Growing businesses

Wells Fargo is the third-largest bank in the US with approximately
4,700 branches. You may consider Wells Fargo if you want the convenience of a large bank with added services.

The Initiate Business Checking account is a basic account designed for growing small businesses. You only need $500 minimum daily balance to waive $10 fee.

One cool perk is that you can get customized debit card and checks with your business logo. This helps make your brand more memorable.

Digital Federal Credit Union

Best for: Free business checking with credit union

Digital Federal Credit Union offers a Free Business Checking account with no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements.

It's the best credit union option because anyone can join nationwide. You just need to be a member of one of their participating organizations for as little as $10.

All accounts can get up to 4 business debit cards per account (upon approval) and unlimited free check-writing.

DCU also has a very wide surcharge-free ATM network of 80,000+ Allpoint, SUM, or CO-OP ATMs. That makes it convenient wherever you live.

If you're switching from another account, there's a handy free ClickSWITCH feature. DCU helps you contact all your current billers, so you can quickly switch over payments without going through the hassle yourself.

Best Free Business Checking by Region

Are you looking for a local bank with physical branches? Small local businesses may benefit more from a regional or community bank. You'll have the chance to build a personal relationship with your banker.

Here are some solid business checking options in different regions.

PNC Bank Business Checking (East & Midwest)

PNC Bank has a large presence in the East and Midwest, with approximately 2,300+ locations in 28 states.

The Basic Business Checking account is for small business owners with lower activity. It has low requirements to waive the monthly service fee. The opening deposit is just $100.

You get 150 free transactions and $5,000 in cash deposits per month. It also comes with built-in tools to help you track cash flow, manage payments, and sync accounting software.

As a bonus, PNC Bank often offers cash bonuses for opening a new account.

How to Waive Monthly Fee:
The $12/mo maintenance fee can be waived by one of the following each statement cycle:[3]

  • Maintain an average monthly balance of $500
  • Make $500 in eligible purchases with a linked PNC business credit card
  • Keep a linked PNC Merchant Services Account and generate at least $500 in qualifying monthly processing deposits

Even if you can't meet one of these criteria once or twice a year, the fee ($12 a month) is low compared to other banks.

Huntington Business Checking 100 (Midwest)

Huntington Bank has more than 1,000 branches in the Midwest. It has a free Business Checking 100 account with no minimums or monthly fees.

This account is ideal for new businesses with limited activity. Each month, you get 100 free transactions and can deposit up to $5,000 in cash in-branch or at an ATM at no charge.

First Horizon BizEssentials Checking (South)

First Horizon Bank offers a BizEssentials Checking account with no minimums or monthly service fee.

This bank is more prominent in the south. But if you're not near a branch, you also get fee-free access to 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs across the nation.

First Citizens Bank (South)

First Citizens Bank's Basic Business Checking account has no monthly account minimum. You need a $100 deposit to open an account, which is pretty reasonable.

First Citizens Bank has over 500 locations primarily in the southern states and some scattered across the West coast.

You need to be an existing First Citizens Business Customer to open an account. The minimum deposit is $100.

Sign up for e-statements to avoid an additional charge for paper statements.

Why You Need A Business Checking Account

As a small business owner, it's smart to separate your company's finances from your personal checking account. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to open a business checking account:

  1. You will need it to deposit money from a small business loan.

  2. It's easier to calculate your expenses for tax purposes.

  3. Your employees can access the account for day-to-day operations.

The type of small business checking account you choose will affect:

  • The amount of money your business can spend
  • Your ability to withdraw cash
  • The number of transactions you can make

Keep these in mind as you consider our list of options.

How to Open a Business Account

To open a business banking account, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name, address, and date of birth
  • Driver's license or state ID
  • SSN or employer identification number (EIN)
  • Business license (if your state requires)
  • Assumed Name Certificate if operating as a DBA
  • Written Partnership or Joint Venture Agreement (for Partnerships)
  • Articles of Organization (for LLCs)
  • Articles of Incorporation (for Corporations)

Sole proprietors can usually open a business account online. Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations may require all general partners or members to be present. Find out your bank's requirements.

When should I open up a business bank account?
You should open a business bank account once you're set to begin accepting or spending money as your business.[4]

What to look for in a business checking account

Small business checking accounts come with fine print. To find the right account for your business banking needs, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Account Balance Requirements
    Free does not always mean free. Some banks require owners to maintain a certain daily or monthly balance. To avoid fees, make sure you can maintain the minimum required balance in the time frame.

  • Opening Deposit Requirements
    Banks may also require a certain dollar amount as an initial deposit. The amount varies greatly by institution - be sure to double-check ahead of time.

  • Monthly Transaction Caps
    Small business checking accounts are free because of the minimal effort it takes banks to maintain the account. These business accounts may have a maximum transaction limit. Look for a bank account that can accommodate your business's transaction amount.

  • Physical Location
    Consider whether having a physical branch nearby is important to you. If you make a lot of deposits and withdrawals, you may want the convenience of a physical branch. If you can manage your business finances completely online, online-only banks will open up a lot of possibilities.

  • Other Banking Services
    Does your business receive wire transfers often? Or do you need to make cash and check deposits? If so, search for a bank that offers these features at lowest cost. For example, some banks offer free incoming wires.

  • Payment Platform
    If your small business uses platforms like Venmo or PayPal, consider those payment platforms when signing up for a free business checking account.

    Ask about when funds are available across major payment platforms. The difference between a day or two days can be crucial for small businesses.

  • Software Integration
    If your small business uses accounting products like QuickBooks or Quicken, consider whether they will integrate with your new small business checking account.

  • Size of the Bank
    A smaller bank will be more personal and upfront with local ties. A larger bank will have greater technology, more branch locations, and greater flexibility when it comes to fees.

How do I know if the bank is FDIC insured?
To check if a bank is FDIC-insured:

Can you open a business checking account with no credit check?

When you apply for a business bank account, the bank will most likely check your credit history. If you're a sole proprietor and use your SSN for business purposes, the bank may check your personal credit. This is only a soft credit inquiry, so your credit score will not be impacted.

If you form an LLC, corporation, or partnership, then you'll get a separate tax identification number (EIN). This number isn't tied to your SSN, so your personal credit may not be checked. If you have business credit, that may be used to see if you qualify.

However, your credit may not be the only thing checked. Banks also usually run your banking history through ChexSystems. This is another reporting agency, but it only reports any negative marks on checking and savings banking activity.

For example, if you've had some overdrafts or didn't pay banking fees, it will show up there.

If your credit or ChexSystem report (request a free one here) doesn't qualify you for a business banking account, you could consider a bank that offers second chance checking. These are designed to help those who have trouble being approved for a normal bank account.

How to Print Business Checks

Most business checking accounts do not offer free business checks. But you can save money by printing them at home using just any blank check paper.

You will need a check printing software, such as Online CheckWriter or Checkeeper. The software will help you design professional checks that you can print anytime with any printer at home. You can also print as many as you like.

To print a check, you will need to enter:

  • Your banking institution
  • Bank routing number and bank account number
  • Your name and address
  • Payee name and amount
  • Date

The software will do the rest for you and format it to banking standards. You don't need any special ink or printer. For businesses that write a lot of checks, this can offer a much cheaper and more efficient solution to pre-printed checkbooks by your bank.

Which banks give you free business checks?
Most banks do not give free business checks, but here are some that do.
  • Bluevine - 2 free checkbooks per year
  • Axos - first set of 50 checks free
  • Novo - sends paper checks on your behalf for free


To come up with the best free business checking accounts, we first focused on business banking accounts with no monthly fees. You don't need to worry about keeping a certain balance.

We also included popular business checking accounts that let you waive the monthly fee. We made sure that the requirements are reasonable and easy to waive for small business owners.

We know that businesses have different needs. So we looked for accounts with unique features that cater to certain kinds of businesses.

Whether you're a single-person business or have a large team, operate a retail store or an online startup, you'll find a suitable account for you.

What the Experts Say

Looking for the right business checking account isn't easy. Take time to figure out what your business needs. CreditDonkey asked a panel of industry experts to answer readers' most pressing questions. Here's what they said:


Free business checking accounts work best for growing small businesses looking for a way to start up for cheap and save on banking costs.

But only a select few banks offer completely free business checking options. If you meet certain conditions, though, many business bank accounts can be free.

Make sure to double-check the terms and conditions of your business checking account to ensure you can keep the account free long term.

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Free Business Checking in Wisconsin

Free Business Checking in Wyoming


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