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Arrived Homes Review

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Invest with others via Arrived Homes. Get shares in rental property with no running hassle. Yay or Nay? Find out in this review.

Arrived Homes
Invest in Rental Homes with $100+

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Pros and Cons

  • Just $100 minimum
  • Earn rental income
  • No accreditation required
  • 5-7 year investment
  • Limited properties

Bottom Line

Invest in rental property and earn passive income, with no management responsibilities

Property is the gift that keeps on giving:

  1. It usually increases in value over time
  2. It can generate income on its own, and
  3. It's one of the best ways to build wealth in the U.S.

So, what if you could reap the benefits of a rental property without playing landlord?

That's where Arrived Homes comes in.

Arrived Homes wants to make it possible for anyone to invest in rental homes for just $100. No property management involved. But is it legit? Read this review to see if it's right for you.

What is Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes is a U.S. company, founded in 2020 by Ryan Frazier, Kenny Cason, and Alejandro Chouza, and based in Seattle, Washington.

Their goal is to make real estate investing more accessible to everyone, with just a $100 minimum.

Apparently, a lot of big investors share their vision. They've received $37 million in funding from Jeff Bezos, Spencer Rascoff (former CEO of Zillow), and Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Uber), to name a few.

By reducing the minimum investment, they open it up to everyday folks who don't have enough to buy an entire property outright.

Investing with Arrived Homes comes with all of the benefits of owning real estate, without the stress. Find out how the buying process works below.

Is Arrived Homes a good investment? Arrived Homes can be a good investment for those who don't have the time and money to invest in a full property. However, Arrived is still growing, and you might feel better with a more established platform like Fundrise, which have generated higher historic returns to date.

But first, a quick tip...

We've worked hard to research and review the best ways to make passive income with real estate. We narrowed it down to a short list of the best real estate investing apps.

Whether you have $10 to invest or $10,000, check it out before committing your money.

How Does Arrived Homes Work?

It starts when you sign up for an account with Arrived through their website. When you're ready to invest, here's how it works:

  1. Browse pre-vetted homes.
    Homes are chosen for their investment potential, including:
    • Cash flow and appreciation
    • Quality of the surrounding neighborhood
    • Overall home quality

    All potential homes are sent to their investment team for a final check and to make sure that they're getting it for a good price.

    Then they turn the home over to their property management team, which hires contractors to rent out the home, and works to find good tenants to occupy it.

    As an added bit of insurance, they make their tenants part-owners in the home to ensure that they have just as much invested in its success as you, the user.

  2. Choose your investment.
    You'll choose the home(s) you'd like to invest in and decide how many shares you'd like to buy. Remember, you can just as easily invest $100 as you can $50,000.

  3. Earn dividends.
    Finally, all that's left is to review the terms and sign your name. You earn returns in the form of quarterly rental income dividends. That translates to an annualized 2.0% to 8.1% per year.[1]

How much do you want to invest in real estate?

Arrived Homes Fees

There are a few fees you should be aware of before you decide to invest in a property with Arrived Homes. Let's take a look at what they are.

  • Annual Management Fee: 1% per year
    The annual management fee is paid directly to Arrived for the work they do keeping the business running.

  • Property Management Fee: 8% of rent
    The property management fee is used to pay the individual property managers who take care of the day-to-day.

  • Sourcing Fee: One-time fee, varies per property
    The sourcing fee is paid once upon purchase. It's included in the share price you find when choosing the property, but you can find it specified on the investment page in the "offering details" section.[2]

Arrived's fees are competitive with other real estate platforms like Fundrise, which also charges 1% annual fee. However, Fundrise doesn't charge a property management fee.

What are the Benefits of Arrived Homes?

So, what are the benefits of investing in a home with Arrived?

It's accessible.
Anyone can do it. Most average Americans don't have a couple hundred thousand dollars just sitting around in the bank. With Arrived, you can invest with as little as $100.

It's safe.
While there is risk involved in any investment, holding real estate along with your other investments—and further, shares of multiple properties—allows you to reduce that risk to more comfortable levels.

Plus, since Arrived makes their tenants shareholders too, they have every incentive to keep the home in good shape.

Every property is placed into an LLC when it's purchased, so there's no worry about legal liability for any investor.

It's easy.
Not only is investing easy with Arrived, but so is the ownership itself. There's no dealing with tenants or property managers. You don't have to worry that your time and money is going to get eaten up by maintenance, because they've got it covered.

It pays.
Whatever the size of your shares, your payments will come quarterly like clockwork. And you benefit not only from rental income, but from the appreciation of the property itself.

The annual dividend yield reported is 3.0% to 7.2%.[1] The appreciation is different for each property, but some have seen over 101% appreciation.

It's cost-effective.
One advantage that Arrived users have over traditional landlords is the economy of scale. Typical landlords have to deal with maintenance issues on a case-by-case basis.

Since Arrived is managing large numbers of properties, they can get contracting services at wholesale prices. Those savings can be passed on to you.

It's managed professionally.
Arrived Homes has access to software that helps them identify good properties to invest in. Software that isn't available to everyday buyers like us.

As a dedicated platform, they can afford to spend money on tools that make the job more efficient and more effective.

It's a smart tax move.
There are tax benefits to investing in real estate, with special deductions offered specifically for this kind of investment.

Are There Any Downsides to Arrived Homes?

While there's a lot to like about Arrived Homes, there are some things you might want to consider before you invest.

It's not for short-term investors.
Most investment terms are from 5-7 years, which is common for real estate investments. It's definitely not as liquid as stocks or crypto, though those are admittedly much more volatile.

If you don't want your money tied up for over 5 years, look into Groundfloor. Groundfloor lets you invest in short-term housing projects that only last 6-18 months.

It's not always easy to cash out.
Arrived currently does not let you withdraw early. They are working on a program that will allow users to request early redemption of their shares after 6 months. But they can't guarantee that any redemptions will be possible.

A secondary market is also in the works, where users can directly buy and sell from each other. But they can't promise that it'll develop nor that someone will buy your unwanted shares.

If you want flexibility, Fundrise has a quarterly redemption program. Some of Fundrise's funds even have no penalty for early withdrawal.

It's offerings are limited.
There are relatively few properties currently listed on Arrived. Their list of investors and approach is credible, but it's not quite fully developed just yet.

If you'd like more variety in terms of what properties you can choose, you may have to wait to find it.

Roofstock is a more established platform to buy single-family homes. However, you will own the entire home so you'll need a large down payment to buy a property.

How Does It Compare?

Arrived Homes isn't the only company offering pooled real estate investing to everyday people. Let's see how they differ.

Fundrise is a real estate investing platform. The minimum is only $10, making it even more accessible to small investors than Arrived.

Instead of investing in individual single-family homes, Fundrise automatically invests in a wide variety of real estate projects for you across the US. They have everything from residential, commercial, to industrial properties.

It's completely automatic, so you don't have to research and choose projects. This is good if you're not sure what to invest in. There is also an optional Fundrise Pro membership if you are an active investor who wants to customize your portfolio to your preferences.

Like Arrived, you get quarterly dividends. Plus you'll earn returns when the properties appreciate. Fundrise's historical annualized returns from 2017 to 2021 ranged from around 1.50% - 22.99%,[3] which may be higher than the rates that Arrived can offer for now.

Fundrise has a 1% annual fee for managing your portfolio. And each project has an origination fee usually between 0-2%. This pricing is comparable to Arrived, possibly a little cheaper.

If you're looking for quick returns, you may like Groundfloor. The real estate projects last only 6 to 18 months.

Groundfloor works a little differently. Instead of owning a piece of a house, you're lending money to borrowers for fix-and-flip housing projects. Each loan has a fixed interest rate and projected term, so you know beforehand what to expect.

The average returns to date so far is 10.5%.[4] You can pick your own projects, or you can even set up automated investing. Groundfloor will automatically invest in loans for you based on the portfolio profile you set up.

Groundfloor loans are relatively safe because they're backed by the actual property. If the borrower defaults, Groundfloor can claim the property to pay back investors.

The minimum investment per loan is only $10 with an initial bank transfer of $1,000. And plus, there is $0 fees for investors.

Bottom Line

There's a lot to be said for Arrived Homes, and if you're interested in diversifying your investment portfolio with real estate, it's certainly worth your consideration.

However, Arrived Homes has very limited offerings, so there may not even be any properties available. If you want readily available real estate investments, Fundrise would be a better option.

It's also worth noting that in a housing market in which everyday buyers are increasingly being pushed out by corporations and wealthy investors, crowdfunding single-family homes to be rented instead of purchased by the families who live in them may only contribute to the problem.

Whichever you choose, investing in real estate has long proven to be a sound financial decision, and we can only hope to benefit from more options in the space.


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Arrived Homes

Invest in Rental Homes with $100+

Browse rental home investments for free. No bank account required


Invest in Real Estate with $10+

  • Only $10 minimum investment
  • Get a diversified portfolio of real estate projects across the US
  • Open to all investors

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